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I love this place. It is not easy for kids to feel comfortable going to the dentist but they do an amazing job here. My daughter did amazing and the staff was so nice and helped walk her through what was going on. I would recommend to anyone!
- Glenn M.
Amazing as usual. A very pleasant office with professionals who are efficient and kind 🙂
Another positive experience, love this team of professionals.
- Susan J.
Love little smiles! The only place I have used for 10 years with 3 different children. They always give us appointments for all 3 kids at one time. So I don't have to do a tin of traveling.
- Jennifer E.
First visit! Very kid friendly. Loved the friendly staff!
- Amanda H.
I have to say that I am so happy I took my 11 year old son to see this dentist. Not only is my son terrified of the dentist but he literally passes out with fear on occasion. They were so wonderful with him. Explained everything in detail before doing it. Made him feel like he was a part of the process. He has never reacted so well at a dentist appointment. The dentist was amazing and the staff was beyond helpful and so gentle with everything they did. This truly changed the way he sees the dental experience and I could not be more grateful for that. I highly recommend this dentist to anyone with children. Fears or not, this is a wonderful place to take your children.
- Melanie S.
So friendly, made my kids feel really comfortable.
- Aubree H.
Little Smiles always provides amazing care! They are very professional and they always have a bright smile!
- Rylee D.
Always patient with my special needs daughter. Kind and caring and thorough
- Christy W.
We are new to the area and absolutely love our new dentist! Super friendly and great with kids! My daughter had her first filling and we were in and out in 15 minutes. It went very smoothly!
- Christie C.
My kiddo’s love going here. We always get great service. They provide a fun environment for kids, that makes them feel good about going to the dentist. I highly recommend them.
- Christina B.
Excellent place to take kids and teens. Both my kids now 10 and 14 have been coming here for years. The staff communication and care is good as it gets. It's quite the switch for me when my kids actually look forward to coming to the dentist. It has never been that way until we started coming here.
- Rob L.
My kids do not have any qualms about visiting their dentist. Great staff and service!
- Andrea W.
all the staff and Dr. Barlow were all amazing with my daughter. very pleased with the whole experience I had today
- Lindsay D.
the doctor is always very nice and helpful in regards to dental care
- Angela C.
Great customer service from the time you walk through the door till the time you leave! Excellent people!
- Chad B.
My oldest son is 17 and about ready to move on to an adult dentist lol he doesn’t fit in the little chairs anymore but he has had great dental work done here. The only issues he ever had was from him not flossing as he should be.
My youngest son is 4 and LOVES going to the dentist, he loves all the hygienists, the receptionists are always kind and we are always met with BIG smiles! My youngest was lip tied and at a year old Dr Barlow did a quick procedure to fix that problem. He is always gentle and the kids love him.
We went for my youngest cleaning today and the hygienist was so sweet, she talked to my son the whole way through the appointment assuring him that he was safe and she wasn’t going to hurt him. It was super sweet, she is awesome with kids but everyone we have seen there is great every time.
As long as you keep up with your appointments and don’t skip cleanings you won’t have any issues with them telling you need to find a new dentist. Which is understandable. They don’t want your children going a year or more in between cleanings. Typically they give you 15 months and if they haven’t seen your kids in that time frame they take you off the patient list and have you either find a new dentist or they put you on their waiting list.
My family had a rough year last year and the boys haven’t been seen for a year but they called me multiple times to get the kids in for their cleanings so I can’t say they don’t make the effort to get their patients in. They definitely care about your kids oral care. I definitely recommend Little Smiles and Dr Barlow.
- Tiffany C.
Our kids love Little Smiles. All of the staff are friendly and professional. We get in and out quickly, but never feel rushed. I highly recommend this dental practice.
- Melissa R.
We adore Dr. Barlow and his staff. We always receive the best care and most importantly, my kids feel safe.
- Kassandra P.
It was my son's first time to the dentist and the nurse and Dr Brad were very kind and understanding. I hope to have many more visits like the first. Very friendly staff.
My son says he doesn't like going to the dentist; but, he always does so well with his x-rays and getting his teeth cleaned and I think it's because the all ladies take such good care of him. They are quick and their jobs and make it fun. Would recommend Little Smiles to anyone looking for a kid's dentist.
- Alicia K.
Little Smiles is always so accommodating and willing to schedule all five of my kiddos at the same time. It makes things so much easier for me! They are wonderful with my kids and make it a peaceful and happy experience. Thanks Little Smiles!
- Elizabeth S.
Little Smiles has always been great with my kids. We have been going there for quite a while. The hygienists are gentle, and will show the kids what they are talking about so they understand when it comes to brushing and taking care of their teeth.
- Heather B.
Such a wonderful atmosphere for kids! Th er do an excellent job at making our kids feel comfortable during their appointments. Dr. Barlow is Excellent! There are toys for siblings to play with during appointments, and the kids get to watch a movie while they get their teeth cleaned. We love Little smiles dentistry 🙂
- Moranda W.
Shannon is an absolute gem! We couldn't get my daughterto cooperate and Shannon was awesome at helping out. I love this place!
- Cassandra T.
Great experience eveytime! Wonderful staff and dentist!
- Lindsey G.
Love the staff there, they are very friendly and kiddos are very nervous going to the dentist but they do a great job at calming their nerves
- Meagan L.
They are quick, efficient, friendly, and competent. Dr.Barlow is genuinely sweet and caring.
- Rebecca S.
Amazing group of people made my kids feel comfortable and safe.
- Crystal S.
Great place! Got my daughter in fast to fix her teeth.
- Angie M.
We have been going to Little Smiles for 11 years, driving an hour each way every 6 months. Totally worth it! Caring and patient staff that do a fantastic job! Totally recommend!
- Christi A.
Everything i have experienced about little smiles, puts a smile on my and my families faces. I am so grateful to see a dentist that is not judgemental, forthcoming with answers to any and all of my questions, supportive regardless of the condition of my sons teeth or our insurance, Willing to work with us on schedules and getting us in promptly! I truly am glad we found little smiles and plan on staying for a long time!
- Katrina S.
Dr. Barlow and his staff, specifically Erin, are fantastic. My 2 year old was nervous for his first visit and they made everything so easy for him and for mom (who had baby sister in tow too!). The office is amazing. We won’t go anywhere else!
- Melyssa M.
good friendly and wait little ..
- Cynthia C.
Great Visit and always so nice!
- Lea S.
They were great with my 4 year old nephew. Talking to him at a level he could understand as they went through each part of the check-up and cleaning. The dental hygienist even pretended to take X-rays of my nephews stuffed T-Rex to see its “cavities”.
- Alicia G.